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Mobi Academy, where you boost your professional skills with industry experts
Mobi Inside, delivering news and stories of people in the mobile era globally

Mobi Academy

Mobidays has a motto that says
"People themselves are content."
As it states, Mobi Academy has been planning sessions with the best speakers and the content of highest quality.
We seek to provide insights of working level education on overall ecosystem of IT industry.

Get involved now for in-depth courses and networking opportunities!

  • VR
  • UX

One of a Kind Courses in Diverse Categories

  • Learn from
    the Experts

    Instructed by experts
    with hands-on experience

  • Insight

    Sharing insights from
    valuable working-level knowledge
    of the industry

  • Global Trend

    Get to know the industry's
    global trend ahead


  • Dael Yu Daerisoft
    Executive Director
  • Eunyoung Lee SMC TV
    Vice President
  • Hyunjoon Park Google Korea
    New Business
    Development Manager
  • Jaeryung Yoo Mobidays
    China Business Director

Mobi Inside

Mobi Inside is a global media delivering news and stories of people in the mobile era.
Mobi Inside first started in August 2014 from Mobile Advertisement Research Lab of Mobidays.
Later in October 2015, it was newly launched as Mobi Inside in order to better deliver the news about the global mobile and startup market.


Specialized Content by Mobidays

  • Insights

    Business insights from
    industry experts

  • Infographics

    Mobile optimized infographics
    that deliver insights

  • M Report

    Monthly report providing
    up-to-date mobile news

Spearding through Diverse Channels

Stay tuned to our channels like Naver, Daum, Zum,
Kakao Channel, Facebook, Filpboard, and Twitter
for the latest news

Naver Mobile Auto/Technology, JOB& Category

Daum Mobile Kakao Channel / Worklife Category

Flipboard Tech/Business Administration/Game/Startup Category

Content Spreading Out
on a Global Scale

Connecting with local and global audiences
We share IT/Mobile/Startup news in English, Chinese, and Japanese

Mobi Inside
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Mobi Inside

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Content Partners

Share your insight to a bigger audience

  • Dooil Kim Fertile Rains Advisor
  • Hyounmouk Shin Open Health Care
    Executive Director
  • Jaesuk Yu Chnia
    IT Columnist
  • Keunho Jung ATLAS Research&Consulting
    R&C Team Lead
  • Johan Kim Next Media
    IT Columnist
  • Jinhong Choi Economic Review
  • Taekkyung Lee MashUp Angels
    Founder & Representative Partner
  • Inbum Hwang Wadiz
    Team Lead
  • Jinkyung Kim Kakao
  • Sanghoon Park Commerce&
  • Jiho Kim Deep Quest

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